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    Launch of the Open Page book "Future Conditional - Notes for Tomorrow"

    Sunday, October 15, 2017

    The Open Page Publications

    Book Launch





    15 October 2017 in Holstebro, Denmark

    at Odin Teatret, Særkærparken 144




    The Editorial Board of The Open Page Publications is delighted to invite you to the launch of Future Conditional - Notes for Tomorrow.


    The Open Page has always been driven by the need to encourage theatre women to record their experiences, whether working within the context of a group or alone. The thirteen volumes of The Open Page journals and the two books published previously, have given us more than we anticipated: personal stories, gratitude for significant influences, practice, pedagogy and, frequently, reflections on the perplexing question of how to pass on knowledge and experience from one group or generation of women to another.


    This new book is an attempt to take a step into the future, by asking where we are going and what we will do when we get there. Contemplation of the future turned out to be a difficult theme, and many of the authors expressed this difficulty in their writing. Future Conditional - Notes for Tomorrow is an anthology of essays, poetry and articles by twenty-five women from four continents, all of whom are connected to The Magdalena Project. The common aim, expressed in individual ways, is to articulate the hopes and fears, demands and aspirations for the kind of future that we want to share with each other. The book is illustrated with paintings by Danish artist, Dorthe Kærgaard.


    For further information concerning The Magdalena Project please consult








    Cover Design: Marco Donati

    Cover Painting: Dorthe Kærgaard

    Lay-out: Rina Skeel

    Editorial Board: Gilly Adams, Geddy Aniksdal, Maggie Gale, Julia Varley

    Production Co-ordinator: Luciana Bazzo

    Translations: Gilly Adams, Ana Imširović Dordević, Julia Varley and the authors

    Thanks: Sarah Duthie, Lars Vik


    Published by The Open Page Publications with the support of Odin Teatrets Forlag, Grenland Friteater, The Magdalena Project




    Maggie B. Gale (UK) - Future Thinking

    Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal (Norway) - Thoughts from the Future

    Brigitte Cirla (France) - Utopian Dreams

    Marisa Naspolini (Brazil) - 100 Years and a Few Stones

    Jill Greenhalgh (UK) - Facing Up

    Margaret Cameron (Australia) - Lay Me Out

    Kordula Lobeck (Germany) - Present Futures

    Jo Randerson (Aotearoa New Zealand) - Amazing Babes

    Parvathy Baul (India) - Practising Ancient Wisdom

    Katarzyna Kułakowska (Poland) - Somebody's Daughter

    Carolina Pizarro (Chile/Denmark) - Changing the Present

    Jess Brookes (UK) - Magdalenas

    Roxana Pineda (Cuba) - Crucial Moments

    Gilly Adams (UK) - Walking Westwards

    Patricia Ariza (Colombia) - Knowledge

    Madeline McNamara (Aotearoa New Zealand) - Divine Doubt

    Luciana Martuchelli (Brazil) - Mare Serenitatis

    Meg Brookes (UK) - Get Sh*t Done

    Julia Varley (UK/Denmark) - The Swing

    Lis Hughes Jones (UK) - Lis-Sian-Ann: Moments of Retrieving, Remembering, Recreating

    Raquel Carrió (Cuba) - Building a Structure

    Dawn Albinger (Australia) - Reflection on Hope

    Pilar Restrepo (Colombia) - Living and dying as a dream

    Zoe Gudović (Serbia) - One Part of Me

    Geddy Aniksdal (Norway) - Notes for Tomorrow




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    Future Conditional - Notes for Tomorrow

    Launch: 15 October 2017, 12 noon at Odin Teatret - Særkærparken 144, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark


    If you want to join us for the launch of the book, please write to


    *On the morning of the 15 October Jill Greenhalgh and Suzon Fuks will share a work session on their performance project The Book of Space.

    To order copies, please visit Odin Teatret Webshop



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