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    Gæstespil - TOVES TANGO

    Saturday, November 04, 2017

    Saturday 4th November at 19.00



    A Tove Ditlevsen Project

    With: Asociación para la Promoción y Difusión de las Artes Performáticas - Argentine/Denmark



    Tove' Tango is a performance project which emphasizes on the work of the Danish poet Tove Ditlevsen.

    This writer, born in the early Twentieth Century, had to make her way in a world that did not offer equal opportunities for men and women.

    Owner of a deep and intense freedom, her artwork deals with politics, social issues, but also with intimate and individual matters. Her poems reflected everyday life, and the depth world of feminine. Through her work, the women of her time had a voice; that voice that is still heard nowadays.

    We find in the sensitivity of the author similar ideas, feelings and emotions that are expressed in Argentine tango compositions; as if poet and music could connect through time and space.

    Tove Ditlevsen's time is the time of tango. An intimate time, built by the wisdom of experience, beyond conventions and social requirements: the time of love, the time of childhood, both ignoring the tyranny of time.

    That is why in our project Ditlevsen´s poems intersect with the ancient repertoire of tango music that refer to those old years emphasizing the rawness and tenderness, the wonderful universe created by the author through her poems.

    The interpretation of the poems concentrates on the body, center of emotion and expression from which the words are projected. Poetry and music come together in the pace of the dance.

    Choreography understood as another instrument of scene composition. Music, poetry and dance united to form an indivisible whole.

    The poems work as thematic units that inspire different scenes that shape the performance.

    Projections of photos and audiovisual material of the Tove Ditlevsen period illustrate different passages of her life, as in a documentary. While objects, costumes and light design accompany conceptually each scene.






    Cast and Crew

    Actress: Lene Sejr Sörensen

    Direction: Andrea Castelli

    Production: Carina Mele

    Stagecraft/Scenic Design: Edwin Böck

    Duration: 50 minutes


    Andrea Castelli

    Dancer, choreographer, director, teacher and producer. For several years she has dedicated to research the intersection between dance, theater, poetry and architecture.

    She specializes on the mise en scène and direction.

    Teacher in "Choreographic Composition II", "Interpreter and Production for the Choreographic Project" at the School of Dance in La Plata, Argentina.

    President of PerformArtes, a Civil Association to promote Performing Arts

    Director of the First International Congress of Tango Stage.

    She collaborates in the realization of several dance Congress and participated as a speaker at international artistic meetings.

    She has received the support from public and private organizations to develop her work such as Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Pro Danza, Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación.

    She was Jury at the Metropolitan and the World Tango Championship.

    She directed the Choreographic Laboratory "Tango Stage" in the Comedy Theatre of Buenos Aires.

    She has participated in many productions in Argentina and abroad as Switzerland, France, United States, Colombia and Bolivia

    She created and directed: Al Bataclán, Tangos Capitales, Noche eterna, Oscura Buenos Aires, Ecos y premoniciones, Amapola,  Fabulandia, Eva, un recorrido, Volver, Taxidermia, Mariposa, Tove´s Tango, Barroco en Barracas, Enaguas, Absencia, Cuerpos Soberanos, Arrabal Salvaje.








    Lene Sejr Sørensen

    Born in Aarhus has lived 14 years in Germany and Schweiz and 26 years in Sweden. She was educated as a stage dancer in Switzerland and studied acting and physical theatre in London and voice and song technique by Roy Hart theatre in France.

    Lene is working as a freelance actress, dancer and choreographer with her international background she has been performing and teaching in Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Argentina.

    Amongst her productions can be mentioned: A night over Europe, (Cabaret in 10 languages) Franska paa Danska (chansons from Trenet to Piaf ) Dans i kvadrat ( when 4 different styles meet) The Nigthingale ( mime and storytelling )

    Lene has worked as a guest teacher on the Drama Institute in Sofia Bulgaria and she has educated dancers on Hochschule fuer eurytmische kunst Freiburg, Germany and she teaches dance and theatre for both children and grownups.

    She presented the play Tove´s Tango in Litteraturhuset and Valbykulturhus in Copenhague, in Skjoldhöj kirke in Århus and in the Danish Church in Buenos Aires

    15 years ago she started Tango-Kalmar where she has been teaching and performing and given concerts with different argentine tango orchestras.



    Carina Mele

    She was born in La Pampa, Argentina and she has been living in Buenos Aires for 28 years.

    Dancer, tango teacher, director´s assistant and producer with a Bachelor in Arts. Since 2010 she has been working as an assistant and producer with Andrea Castelli in different shows: Fabulandia, Eva, un recorrido, Volver, Taxidermia, Mariposa, Tove´s Tango, Barroco en Barracas, Enaguas, Absencia, Cuerpos Soberanos, Arrabal Salvaje.

    General Coordinator of the First International Congress of Tango Stage in 2015.

    Active member of PerformArtes, a Civil Association to  promote Performing Arts

    She has been teaching tango for 15 years. She danced and taught tango in several places in Argentina and abroad (Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, Belgium, Estonia, South Africa).

    She danced and directed the show "Che Tango, contame una historia" presented in many places in Argentina and also at the Stockholm Tango Festival and at the Helsingborg Tango Festival in Sweden.

    She directed the Team Tango Group of Copenhagen (amateurs dancers) and presented four different shows in Denmark (Bag Kroen Theatre, Tingluti Milonga, Fensmark, Gimle, Kolding, Italienske Kulturinstitut in Hellerup, Menstrup, Latin House in Valby)


    Edwin Boeck

    He was born in Bruchsal, south of Germany. Educated as a sculptor in Switzerland and Germany. He has been working as a freelance artist since 1982. He moved to Sweden in 1990. He has done a lot of public art both internationally and in Sweden. Apart from traditional materials, he works with fire, snow and sand. He is a winner of international snow sculptures worldwide and the head manager of Kalmar International Sand Sculpture Festival since 2013.





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